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CIS 115 Fundamentals of Programming

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This CIS 115 Fundamentals of Programming course is designed to develop skills in solving problems related to computer programming. Students explore and use software development techniques to solve common programming problems by creating hierarchical diagrams, flowcharts, and pseudo code. This course is essential for learning programming languages.

This CIS 115 Fundamentals of Programming course module introduces programming, software development process, and the tools and techniques used to develop and test programs. These include an integrated development environment (IDE), version control, input and output, and pseudo code and flowchart programs. C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift programming languages all come with sample code.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand critical terms and definitions.

2. Create pseudo code for the programming task.

3. Create a flowchart for the programming task.

4. Test the software to solve programming problems.

5. List four categories and provide examples of errors during use of Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

6. Test the IDE with Hello World.

7. Amend existing procedures as required by regulations.

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