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Business Finance

In the FIN 310 Business Finance course, students are introduced to the practical and theoretical concepts and principles used in financial management. Students interested in this course will learn about topics such as cost of capital, money and capital markets, short-term and long-term financing by equity capital, financial management of working capital, fixed asset management, and capital budgeting.

Students studying this course will be able to do the following -

  • Students will separate finance from disciplines such as accounting and economics and focus on the functions of financial managers.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the individual elements and characteristics of working capital such as inventory and investments and marketable securities.
  • Students will be taught to analyze and evaluate capital budgeting projects by internal rate of payback and net present value methods.
  • Students will focus on the application and relation of the concept of discounted cash flows and the time value of money to assets.

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