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BUSI 1156 Strategies for Success

This BUSI 1156 Strategies for Success course presents and helps to build up some of the competencies needed to achieve academic success. Areas of emphasizes include college resources, study skills, academic integrity, time management, all along with the individualized learning styles.

Course overview: Security outlook is an introductory module to prepare students for higher education.

1: What's holding me back? This lesson discusses the issue of careful observation, what information may not be followed, and why.

2: Whom am I listening to? This lesson aims to make students become skeptical listeners.

3: Blocking: In this lesson, students will understand how to behave according to their own beliefs.

4. The filtering system of my brain. Students will learn about the levels of thinking involved in the thinking process and the role of these processes.

5: How does my thinking work? This lesson discussed three levels of thinking that work together: conscious, subconscious, and creative subconscious.

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