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BIO 480 Advanced Molecular Biology

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The BIO 480 Advanced Molecular Biology course mainly focuses on the principles and information which make the contemporary base for the molecular biology. The course is quite wide and encompasses numerous topics, such as, prokaryotic molecular genetics, protein biosynthesis, RNA and DNA biosynthesis, RNA and DNA viruses, signal transduction, and two-component regulatory systems and many more.

After successful completion of the term, the students will be competent to:

  • Explain the structure and function of the main kinds of macromolecules found in all the living organisms.
  • Draft the major steps of the gene expression.
  • Explain the significant role of chromatin in the eukaryotic gene expression.
  • Describe the procedure of DNA replication that makes sure high-fidelity DNA synthesis.
  • Make use of critical thinking in the application of cell biology knowledge in research.

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