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ANTH 203 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

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ANTH 203 Introduction to Forensic anthropology course is the application of physical anthropology in medico-legal contexts; forensic anthropologists apply the tools of archaeology and physical anthropology to discover, recover, and identify human remains. Learners will be exposed to the interdisciplinary, scientific basis of forensic anthropology, along with legal and ethical issues forensic anthropologists face. The ANTH 203 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology course is designed to give learners a broad review of the area by introducing them to the process of human remains identifications; the archaeological and laboratory method incorporated in human remains recovery; and, an overview of the work forensic anthropologists work do with legal enforcement, forensic pathologists and odontologists in recovering and collecting victims of foul play as well as those of mass fatalities, like as the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

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