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AME 20241 Solid Mechanics

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Rigid mechanics is now being used for more than just analyzing hard tissues such as bone and cartilage. The smaller the scale of the analysis of the biological study of motion, the less the force generation's source should be considered. In intrauterine development, as mentioned earlier, the flow of fluid produced by the movement of flagella is now focused on the study of lateral origin. This is another problem of the interaction of a liquid and a solid while the solid components are active. Most of the biological processes, myocardial contraction and macroscopic blood flow, are also problems of complex fluid-solid interactions, although this is outside our Nano biomechanics scope.

Solid mechanics is one of the critical areas of physical science, which includes deformation and reliable media movement under the action of external loads (such as force, displacement and acceleration). These loads, displacements and accelerations because inertial forces into the object-thermal changes, chemical interactions, electromagnetic forces, etc. In the context of rigid body mechanics, the basic theory is usually built on two bases: (1) the fundamental law of motion, which describes the balance of the continuum under external loads and internal induced forces. ... They are valid for all continual; (2) a constitutive theory that describes the mechanical properties of materials used to construct a continuum. The resulting equation contains some material parameters that can be determined experimentally.

This AME 20241 Solid Mechanics course aims to provide the necessary mathematical equations to control elastic bodies' linear response to external changes. Linear resilient solids here include conventional 3D solids, simplified 2D solids, simplified beam and thin plate structures, and a wide variety of 2D piezoelectric solids. These equations form the basis of the current mesh less matching method. For more information on these equations, see most textbooks on elasticity, plates, and piezoelectricity.

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