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ACCT 326 Accounting Information Systems

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In this course, students will be given the introduction to the AIS, Accounting Information System, its concepts, principles, working criteria, tools, techniques and others.

The objective of the course is to teach students the working of the AIS tools and its working and usage in the context of the recording, processing, and analyzing the financial data.  Determining how best utilization of the AIS tools can be done, do the review of the AIS processes and applications and recommend the control methods for its security and use of technology in the AIS application.

Topics include:

  • Transactional processing concepts and
  • Core AIS transactional cycles;
  • Basic control frameworks used to secure AIS applications and processes;
  • Strategies for implementing or upgrading AIS applications;
  • Information technology and accounting standards; and
  • E-commerce and e-business.

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