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Health and medicine

Importance of health and medicine discipline

It is a highly flexible programme for the individuals who have lot of interest in human body. The various disciplines of the course will include anatomy, physiology, clinical practices, medical ethos etc. Also the course involves hands on practise to give you the extra edge of understanding in the field of health and medicine. The students who acquire this degree get well equipped during the course to improve the health of populations in the vast areas like research, community health settings and government. This branch is flexible that it offers you the part time or online courses also on various fields like neurosciences, clinical trials, mental health, reproductive and child health and nutritional health. At the end of the course you will be specialized in one area of health science but will have knowledge on various aspects of the same. In this way you can have diverse options in the health care industry for your job. The job related to these fields makes you feel satisfied as you see how positively the lives of the people are changed by your methodologies.

Difficulties faced by the students

The subject before the practical sessions is way too deep and theoretical. The theory has to be well understood so that it can be applied in the practical sessions. Many students face difficulties in relating the exact methodology to be used in the condition asked in questions. The theoretical case studies take so much of time that students are not left with enough learning time. In short the time management is the first hurdle in the tenure of the course. Also to be precise and stern on correct observation and analysis of it becomes difficult for the student as he has to choose the correct therapy amongst all that he has learnt. Application of the content becomes a huge challenge.

Few important points to consider

While doing the course, divide your plan of the day in such a way that you get to study the theory as well as devote time in maintaining your practical records and projects. As much as file completion is necessary, the right amount given to learning also is beneficial for the higher scores. The degree holds more value with extra credits on research based projects. Hence be always ready to volunteer help to your peers and seniors in their projects. You can also go on with internships and making the files on the same. These small projects will enhance your practical skills and will make you strong in applying the knowledge correctly on various case studies you will get in day to day basis. Always remember the more the exposure the more likely you are picked up by good firm/ sector for the job.

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