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MILH 355 World War I

MILH 355 World War 1 course not only covers the Western Front or just trench warfare but it includes the broader perspective of World War I. In this course, we will examine the war at sea and air, the origin of conflicts, the development of new weapons, the Arab uprising, and the conclusion of war at Versailles. MILH 355 World War 1 course also analysis and puts some particular focus on the United States 's role in the conflict, which includes how the U. S influenced the allied victory in France, an analysis of America's reasons for getting into the war, and lastly how the war impacted the domestic front. MILH355 World War 1 course also includes power diplomacy, campaigns, global in scope, plus the major military campaign, Entente and Central Power strategies, America's entry and impact on the war, and life on the home front.

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