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MAN302 - Industrial Relations as the name itself suggests something related to internal and external relations between the industry and the organization.

The first and the foremost purpose of the university is to develop the quality of marinating good relations in future with the other organizations they are working by the help of MAN302 - Industrial Relations course. With the help of this subject, students get an idea about how industrial relations are maintained in Australia, and it also directs the students towards future industrial ties.

The MAN302 - Industrial Relations course will develop the capability and the ability in the students to deal with the complexities they might need to face in the organization further.

MAN302 - Industrial Relations not only covers the industrial relation but also focuses or covers the topic of various organizational theories and organizational behaviour.

Various issues, strategies, processes, tools, and tactics are included which are necessary from the point of view of or we can say which are essential for the management leaders, followers, organizational managers, and the industrial relations practitioners.

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