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MAN 7078 International Strategic Management

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International strategic management is the main module of all business lines in the master's program. Strategy is an area that takes you out of a functional perspective. It brings together functional phase topics, such as, finance, marketing, leadership and operations to provide a holistic view of the organization, whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large international company. This MAN 7078 International Strategic course mainly focuses on the business unit or competitive strategy rather than company-level strategy. The exploration of key strategic concepts in this module reflects the key elements of strategic management. It follows a strategic review process. The above-mention course discuses about the key components of applications using the latest international examples and case studies linking these elements together. The International Strategic Management Module deals with the concept and objectives of the plan.

It brings together all the major aspects of the degree and brings together the strategic decisions made by the organization in the process of strategic analysis in an international context. This module takes a critical look at the strategic management process applied to international organizations to remain competitive in an ever-changing and demanding environment. The International environment looks at this process from a strategic analysis and strategic development perspective.

1. Critically apply conceptual models and strategic management structures to analyze a given organizational environment.

2. Demonstrate the application of alternative strategy options in the organization and recommend a preferred strategy.

3. Assess the direction for the future development of the organization and propose strategic options in an international/global context.

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