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What is LSBM103 Business Environment?

Unit LSBM103 Business Environment is about analyzing and identifying micro and macro environmental influences that have effects on today's business organizations. It reflects the study of theory based on different forces within macro environment that shapes business performance and identification of evaluation of different strategic tools for the analysis of internal business environment are also included where students can learn the central ideas of communication and self-management and self-reflection.

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You may require assistance with writing assignments or essay based on unit LSBM103 Business Environment where the essay is required to be drafted using different factors and major topics such as-

  • PESTLE model
  • Porter's 5 force model
  • Analyzing Macro-micro environmental influences
  • Analyzing internal business environment

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The current assignment is designed by the London School of Business and Management and this is basically a reflective account report. The module title for this assignment is the LSBM103 the business environment. The various learning outcomes that would be achieved by the students after completing this particular assignment would be the identification and analysis of the micro and macro environmental factors that will have an impact on modern business organizations. Further, the assignment also focuses upon how the different macro environmental forces help in determining the performance of a business and effective communication of the central ideas of the concept of business environment. Another objective of this assignment is also to make evaluation and identification of the strategic tools for internal business environment analysis along with the self reflection and self management ability.

The assignment contains three different parts. The first part of the assignment deals with PESTLE and the Porter's Five Forces analysis and helps in identifying and analysis of the different micro and macro environmental factors that has a special influence over the Airlines industry of the United Kingdom. In the second part of this assignment, a specific business organization is chosen in the Airlines industry of UK which is British Airways. The internal business environment of the chosen company has been analyzed through the value chain model concept.  The third part of the assignment deals with the concept of external business environment and the utility of Five Forces Model in the Airlines sector of UK.

Thus, the overall assignment can be considered to be effective enough for delivering the potential learning knowledge regarding the topic of internal and external business environment and how the environment has a significant impact over the performance of an organization.

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