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Case Study - Hefty Hardware

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So are you assigned with writing answers for case study -Hefty Hardware and 4 to 5 page written solutions for the questions based in this case study?  Have a look at the questions mentioned below -

Q1) Determine the effectiveness of partnership between IT and business at Hefty Hardware Corporation? Also, identify the shortcomings of both two IT and business.

Q2) Prepare a plan for collaborative working of IT and the business in order to provide Savvy Store program successfully.

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In this assignment, we were required to answer the questions that were given in the case study. The case study that was given to us was of Hefty Hardware Case Study. In the first question, we were asked to write the effectiveness of the partnership between the information and technology department and business operations at hefty hardware. We were required to use identify the shortcomings of both the IT and the business

After reviewing the entire case study, we have found out that the relations between both, that is, the IT department and the business operations are not that good. There were several reasons that have been found in the given case study. It has been seen that the introduction of the IT department was quite helpful for the company as due to this, it had made various operation easy and efficient for the employees and thus, for the organization. But while doing that, the business operational managers of the company felt that the IT team does not have enough knowledge about the operations. The current aim of the company is to attain a great amount of success in their new Savvy Store. In order to do so, there is a requirement of proper coordination between both operations department and IT department; otherwise, they will not be able to achieve their goals.

In the second question, we have been asked to create a plan for the Hefty Hardware so that they can work collaboratively for delivering their most awaited Savvy Store Program successfully. For that purpose, we have made the proper plan so that the members of the IT team get the idea about how they can understand the real world situation that the other department faces.

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