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The Environmental and Competitive Analysis is the analysis and examination of a company and execution of individual analysis for different competitive and environmental analysis. It is the social, Economic, political, legal, technological and international and environmental analysis of an industry or company or a firm. The competitive analysis is practiced by Porter's five force model, which describes the entire information for competitive environments.

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1. Conducting PESTLE analysis - The PESTLE stands for political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, legal and environmental analysis of industry or a company. Our tutors assist students in conducting PESTLE analysis.

2.  Using Porter's Five Forces model - Porter's five forces model is exercised with the purpose of conducting competitive analysis of a firm or industry. Our business experts assist students in using Porter's five force models.

3. Analyzing present trends - It is must to remain updated and known with the recent trends happening within an industry, our business professionals assist students as they remain highly updated with the changes taking places in rules and amendments within a firm, thus they assist students from their immense knowledge.

4.  Observing competitors - Our tutors assist students in conducting competitive research and assisting students with typical topics such as consumer flow, product offerings, service offerings, and layout and help them in researching more about Environmental and Competitive Analysis.


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