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ENTR210 Entrepreneurs Leadership

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Leadership is an essential quality of a person to execute new efforts and innovations to achieve the business goal. In this ENTR210 Entrepreneurs Leadership program, the students will learn and research about the relationship between entrepreneurship, the role of entrepreneurial leaders, and value creation in the point of growth. Entrepreneurial leadership skills offer the students to gain abilities to apply leadership methods/practices in various organizations for better growth.

There are two ENTR210 Entrepreneurs Leadership techniques they are soft and hard leadership techniques. Based on the organization size, the leadership methods/techniques will vary. The students will gain skills in critical thinking and problem solving with empirical evidence and new scientific techniques. The student's ENTR210 Entrepreneurs Leadership skills will solve the uncertain situation in Entrepreneurial business and provider guidelines to new entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial leadership course also gives the opportunity to learn the ethical principles applied in entrepreneurial businesses.           

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