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What is effective communication?

It is an interpersonal skill that leads to the success in different areas of life. Communication is free from all barriers and includes different processes for conveying senders. Effective communication in business is the study of changes in systems and purchasing some commercial ads and analyzing different activities of communication and analyzing most effective tools for different kinds of products and services.

Introduction to Effective communication in Business assignment summary

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Specification blog for: Principles of effective communication

The present assignment: Principles of effective communication is a case study based assessment that enables students to recollect whatever they have learnt during their weekly lectures and the online tutorials and apply the learning to the real life situations. The assignment demands demonstration of typical understanding of the effective principles of communication with the help of two distinct business communications i.e. a good and acceptable business communication and the other that is not acceptable and should be avoided. The assignment is divided into two different parts, the requisite report and a short power point presentation that makes the learning process much interesting.

In the assignment, standard report format is being used which includes an introduction and a conclusion. The report is divided into different sections that are capable of explaining the different requirements of the assessment. First of all the crux of the assignment has been discussed i.e. what are the different principles of and effective communication along with the business communication and its suitable examples. In addition to this the concept of poor communication has also been explained and how it can affect the image and reputation of business organisation negatively. The explanation regarding the nature of business communication and its comparison with other kinds of communication has also been made in the current assignment. At last, the multiple kinds of communication that are practices in an organisation have been mentioned how these affect the functioning of the business.

The core advantages of written communication have also been included in the given assignment. In case of power point presentation, the process of communication along with formal and informal type of communication has been discussed. The various barriers that are faced in communication also have been addressed. Thus, the assignment is found to be done satisfactorily by meeting all the essential learning outcomes that are provided by the tutor of the students.

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