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CRIJ 2328 Policing Systems and Practices

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This CRIJ 2328 Policing Systems and Practices course describes and analyzes the law enforcement system in the United States, examines its origins, development, role and functioning of the police in modern democratic society. Students will develop detailed. We will understand the issues of maintaining public order in a democratic society; explore key issues and new developments in law enforcement agencies.

This course explores the creation, role and function of the police force in a democratic society. The focus will be on the type of police agency and its organizational structure, the interaction between police and community, and the use of police ethics and powers.

Students will be able to study:

  • Explain the types of police agencies and explain the role of the police in the United States in the context of a democratic society.
  • Describe the means and methods used to ensure police accountability.
  • Explain the historical development of the police.
  • Describe the selection process for police officers.
  • Compare and contrast the organizational structure, policies, strategies and strategies adopted to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of the police.

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