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CMRJ 524 Organized Crime

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CMRJ 524 Organized Crime is a group of individuals, national, and local groups who are set up for the purpose of engaging in crime and illegal activities such as smuggling, robbery, drugs trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, illegal gambling, extortion, and many more. They seek power and monetary gains. They protect their activities through corruption, complex communications, international commerce, and so on. CMRJ 524 Organized Crime is a course where you will learn the history of organized crimes, and what is the current role in the criminal justice system. You will learn some aspects of law enforcement and their effects and efforts.

Work course outline:

  • The attributes of organized crimes
  • Theoretical and historical perspectives
  • The globalization of organized crimes International and transnational and
  • The business of organized crimes

The course, as well comprises topics, such as criminology, criminalistics, and many more.

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