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Assessment - Write 300 words Introduction and Rationale and 1200 words Annotated Bibliography on topic "Change the date" Challenging colonization and nationalism. The bibliography is required to be referenced in Harvard style!

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In this assignment, we have given a topic named "change the date", in which we have to write about the challenges of colonization and nationalism. The change the dating campaign was all about the Australia day. We were also required to select one theory too and select the key concepts. For that purpose, we have selected the post-colonization theory.

In this, we have to write the annotated bibliography. First of all, we have provided the brief introduction about the change of date. We have talked about the reasons and factors that initiated the need for launching this campaign. After doing the research for this assignment, we have found that the issue was related to the conflict that the people of Australia are having for their national day. As for some of the people they are agreed for the current national day. And some of the people who are native Australian do have the issues regarding this current date.

After that, we have provided the rationale for this topic in the next section. In this, we have discussed the whole scenario of the national day controversy. It is not just a matter of the public holiday in Australia. The aboriginal's people are trying to run this campaign as this data as changed the world to them in Australia.

After the rationale part, we have discussed four journals articles. Out of that two of them are related to the change of date campaign and the rest two are related to the post-colonization theory. In that, we have described the term post colonialisms. We have talked about its impact on the aboriginals. We have also discussed that how the post-colonization has destroyed not only the culture but also the tongue.

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