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Q1. Explain the aims and objectives of employment regulation.

Q2. Describe the role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law.

Q3. Explain how cases can be settled before or during formal legal procedures.

Q4. Identify the main principles of discrimination law during recruitment, selection and employment.

Q5. Explain how contracts of employment are established.

Q6. Describe when and how contracts can be changed lawfully.

Q7. Explain the main requirements of redundancy law.

Q8. Explain the main requirements of the law on business transfers.

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Brief introduction to the assessments for 5EML Employment Law -

CIPD Assessment Activity: 5EML Employment Law

The presented assignment includes a comprehensive discussion about the Employment Law that is currently prevailing in Australia. The assignment is in accordance with the CIPD Assessment Activity that makes a suitable discussion about the learning outcomes that are required to be achieved with respect to the Employment law. The major learning outcome under the assignment was to develop a thorough understanding about the employment law, to gain adequate knowledge regarding the legal compliance with respect to the certain matters of the organisation like recruitment, working conditions and remuneration etc. The assessment activity also aims to create significant awareness regarding the difficulties that are faced by HR personnel while managing all such issues. 

In order to make a better understanding of the Employment law, certain different question has been answered that enables the students to achieve the desired learning outcomes. The assignment has been divided into five different sections i.e. the legal system, recruitment and selection, the contract law, organizational change along with workers' right and the correct dismissal process.

The first section explains about goals of employment regulation, importance of legal mechanism in enforcement of employment law and solving of cases through the formal legal structure. The second section makes the evaluation of discrimination law at the time of recruitment and selection. The third part provides a detailed literature on establishment of the employment law and the subsequent lawful changes that can be made to the law.

The core necessities of redundancy law along with the law applicable on business transfers have been adequately explained in the fourth part. Regarding the workers' right, the various right like pay and leave rights, health and safety rights and freedom of association have been mentioned. In the last section, the key requirements of the unfair dismissal law have been provided in accordance with the issues of low productivity and improper misconduct. Thus, with the given assignment, the student has attempted to achieve the distinct learning outcomes as provided in the assignment brief.

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