Application Process for an Engineering Degree in the USA

Application Process for an Engineering Degree in the USA

Students pursuing engineering must be aware of the application process to apply to a school in the United States of America. Once the international student has selected the school for himself/herself the next step is to apply for the school. The application process for engineering degree programs is different from other schools. International students need to apply equally to graduate and undergraduate programs

Engineering aspirants need to take admission in a top school to be successful in their career and know about the application process to apply to the school.

Undergraduate Application Process

The application process for applying to the undergraduate program will be school based. International students in the United States of America do not need to apply for a specific program in the undergraduate program; International students must state their focus of interest upon application to the school.

International students in the United States of America can apply as a transfer student and a freshman.

Applying as a Transfer Student

Some international students in the United States want to switch to their previous school that has already started its program.  Students who have completed college courses and are in the junior level of studies should apply for engineering degree as transfer students. The process for these students to apply for engineering degree programs will be different from other degree programs. Students will be asked for collegiate transcripts and may be asked by the school about your goals as well as the number of credits students will need to receive 60 and 90 semester credits. Transfer students will be allowed to apply directly to engineering programs at US universities. When applying, a section allows transfer students to determine which program they should apply for and then complete the school-based application process.

Applying as a freshman

Many international students who have completed high school or secondary school education and now wish to apply for undergraduate engineering degree program have to apply as freshman students. You can apply directly to the school of your choice and when you are accepted by the school you will be asked to enroll in the class and declare your head. Freshman students have to fulfill some requirements in the application process which are as follows:

Ø  Students are required to submit personal statements or letters of interest

Ø  Complete the application process within the stipulated time frame

Ø  Recommendation letters must be submitted to the school

Ø  Plan to get official transcripts from your high school or middle school

Ø  Get a High Score on the SAT or ACT Exam

Ø  Complete all fields in the application carefully

Graduate Admissions Process

International students interested in engineering must complete an application process to enter the graduate program in the United States of America. This application process is completely different from the undergraduate program. Undergraduate students will need to submit 2 applications:

Ø  Apply to the engineering degree program directly

Ø  Apply to the university to get admissions

At the time of application process, graduate students have to prove that they have obtained an undergraduate degree. An English translation will be provided by the school if international students have not obtained this degree from the United States. An overseas transcript to prove that international students are fit to pursue undergraduate engineering

International students have to submit certain documents along with the application:

Ø  Personal statement

Ø  Two to three letters of recommendation

Ø  Top GRE test scores

International students will need a high GPA and test scores to apply to the M undergraduate degree program. Keep in mind that the students should try to get the high score as the students with higher score will be accepted by the school first. If you have ever won any educational award or honor, you can submit it as well and a CV is also required. Many US schools require certification from international students to prove that the international student is financially able to study and live in the US.

International students should apply in time to participate in the program so that they do not face competition. They should give more time to answer the entire application question at the time of application process. International students should focus as much on the personal statement as possible to showcase their achievements.

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