Careers in Transportation and Logistics in the USA - Know the Available Jobs for International Students!

Careers in Transportation and Logistics in the USA

There are many career options for graduate students seeking a degree in transportation and logistics in the USA. Logistics is used by a wide variety of institutions and the transportation and logistics industry covers many different functions. After getting a degree in Transport and Logistics, you can consider about some career options. Let us know about these career options.

  • Supply-Chain Manager
  • Analyst
  • Inventory Manager
  • Logistics Engineer
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Consultant
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Customer Service

Supply-Chain Manager in US

One of the best career options in the transportation and logistics industry is as a supply chain manager. Transportation and logistics are related to the distribution system so supply chain manager is of great importance in this industry. The job of a supply chain manager is to oversee and organize inventory, procurement, production and warehousing to reduce costs and productivity in the business. Supply-chain managers must have the ability to collaborate, communicate and manage because only then will supply-chain managers be able to anticipate financial needs and have a better understanding of logistics planning. Problems identified by a supply-chain manager must be addressed by multiple managers and departments.


Making a career as an analyst in Transportation and Logistics can take you a long way in the future. An analyst analyzes and collects data to identify problems in the business. It is very important to have computer and math skills in an analyst as both these skills are required for the job of an analyst. Analysts should maintain a good rapport with their supervisors and help them suggest solutions. This Analyst job is for entry-level positions as an analyst may have many other tasks that can be very complex and stressful. In logistics planning, an analyst applies his understanding of several situations.

Inventory Manager

After getting a bachelor's degree in Transportation and Logistics, you can get a job as an Inventory Manager. Inventory manager's job is to manage physical goods and resources and organize data for trends, check them. Inventory manager has to examine the data and identify problems through the data and computer systems and find solutions to the problems. Inventory Managers are responsible for coordinating with Purchasing and Logistics Managers for orders and delivery.

Logistics Engineer in USA

Logistics Engineer is a very good and successful position that graduate students can consider. The work of engineer and analyst are related to each other. It is very important for an engineer to have a good understanding of computers and mathematics as they have to use computer systems and mathematics for trends or problems, evaluate logistics systems and an engineer is responsible for implementing and solving problems. . The Logistics Engineer should have an understanding of how to write technical proposals and should be able to manage analysts' projects.

International Logistics Manager in the USA

International Logistics Managers have to build good relationships with international partners in the industry as well as outside the industry. The International Logistics Manager should always be aware of the laws and regulations and changing international customs and must possess the necessary skills. Logistics managers are often responsible for working as an importer-exporter and must be responsible for purchasing, manufacturing and marketing to manage the supply chain. A person becoming an international logistics manager should have good and essential knowledge about logistics and international trade.

Consultant in USA

Graduates pursuing a career as a consultant have to work closely with clients to implement and formulate solutions for specific problems. In this work a consultant is needed so that the problems can be conveyed from one city to another. Project management is considered and given more importance as an important part of consultancy work. Consultants find the solution to the problem and manage the data for it. The consultant must ensure many things such as the customer care about the supply-chain key and requirements to move forward.

Purchasing Manager

A company that needs logistics professionals will also need a purchasing manager so graduate students can see a successful career as a purchasing manager. Products already sold or ready to be sold are delivered by UPS, FedEx and USPS. The job of a purchasing manager is to find suppliers but work with them or manage relationships and sign contracts. Purchasing managers are assumed to be responsible for the acquisition of resources and materials and must interact and communicate with warehouse managers to coordinate the delivery of materials.

Customer Service

To apply for the post of Customer Service, you do not need much knowledge and any degree at the entry level of Logistics but both knowledge and a college degree are necessary if you want to apply for the best customer service. The customer service specialist also manages the existing customers and also acts as a sales team. Customer Service is responsible for meeting all kinds of customer's problems and requirements and conveying them to the engineers or managers. It is very important for the customer service representatives to have knowledge of logistics as it helps in understanding the situations more. The person who acts as a successful customer service person is responsible for setting up the customer service team.

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