Study Languages and Linguistics in the USA - Know about Choosing a Languages and Linguistics school in US!

Study Languages and Linguistics in the USA

Are you interested in studying the history of words and language, have you always been passionate about reading and want to study in a country where a language different from your mother tongue is spoken. If so, then you can study the history of the language, how the particular language was formed and changed. You can study Languages ??and Linguistics in the United States of America.

Languages ??and Linguistics both must be together because for the study of Linguistics, you must know about the language. If you study linguistics, it involves studying language and putting it through a microscope, and the focus of languages ??is self-explanatory. The study of linguistics involves the understanding of breaking down components into smaller pieces and connecting them together to form a bigger picture. When you study these, you will understand how languages ??differ and relate to each other and change over time, how people communicate with each other.

Are you one of those students who are interested in learning a new language and want to study linguistics, if so, then there are many career opportunities available to you. For these career options, it is very important for you to have a deep understanding of the language. If you have a deep understanding of the language then you can be a copywriter for an advertising agency. After studying in this field, you can work as a foreign correspondent in television news programs, newspapers, and magazines. As a foreign correspondent you work to report or write and develop using a second language and your mother tongue.

Having an advanced knowledge of the language develops good skills in our everyday communication and with family, friends, and is also very important. Some employers are looking for similar skills and you can consider it for a good career. From the United States of America you can study languages ??and linguistics and develop your skills

Choosing a Languages and Linguistics school in US

When you look for a school in the United States of America to study languages ??and linguistics, you should first consider what career path you will pursue with your degree and what career path you will choose after the degree is completed because choosing a university can be based on these things.

As we mentioned that before choosing your school, you should know what you want to become in career. If you want to make a career in a courtroom interpreter then you can choose school in high population cities like New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona. These are the cities where Spanish is spoken more. If you want to make a career as a copywriter, you can look for a school in some of the places where the headquarters of advertising firms are located. Some of these places are: California (Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners), New York City, Oregon (Wieden+Kennedy); and Sausalito & New York (Grey Advertising); Portland.

The top schools in the United States of America for students studying languages ??and linguistics are located from the East Coast to the West Coast, with the best cities for you to live and study and career: University of California-Berkeley (UCB), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, University of Chicago and University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).

Course Structure of Languages and Linguistics in the USA

The course structure offered in language programs may vary depending on the language you choose and your proficiency, and you must choose a specific concentration. Before majoring in a language program, you will need to take a few courses that provide a basic level understanding of the language.

Basic Acquisition

  • A series of Surveys of Civilization and Literature
  • Advanced Reading and Writing
  • Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • Advanced Speaking and Listening
  • Introduction to Translation
  • Introduction to Linguistics

After completion of these courses you will be required to take a seminar course of your interest. This course will enable you to fulfill a research requirement in a sub-genre of literature.

General Option in Languages and Linguistics Program in USA

Linguistics programs will provide students with opportunities for general choice and major choice. These options will be related to guiding your course of study. Some of the courses included in the general major in Linguistics are as follows:

  • Advanced Syntax
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Advanced Phonology
  • Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
  • Language Typology
  • Introduction to Syntax
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Language and Society
  • Sounds and Sound Systems
  • Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
  • Word and Sentence Structure

Applied Option

Students who have applied options in linguistics programs build a career in a foreign language (ESL) this includes learning about a few different courses that differ from other courses This ESL Applied Options are as follows:

  • Materials for ESL Instruction
  • Linguistics and Grammar in ESL Education
  • Introduction to Adult/University-Level TESOL
  • Urban Dialects
  • Psycholinguistics
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