Study Construction Trades in the USA - Certificate & Degree Levels in Construction Trades

Study Construction Trades in the USA

Are you planning to enroll for Construction Trades program in the USA? A complete guide for international students who are planning to enroll in Construction Trades degree program in US studies.

Construction trade is a huge field; students who want to study in it have many options from which they choose the option of their interest. Students studying construction trade should first decide what type of construction business they want to pursue as there are a huge range of different jobs in it. Careers in the construction trade range from construction site manager to plumbing. Students interested in the construction trade can earn bachelor's degrees, certificates, master's degrees and associate's degrees. As we mentioned, there are many career options in the construction trade and after the degree, if you want, you can work with a big company or go into a business, work as a roofing crew or else and can start a small plumbing company.

Courses to Expect

When you decide to study construction trade then you also have to decide what kind of construction trade you want to pursue and based on that you have to choose some courses of your choice along with Business courses.

Business Courses

If you choose a vocational course in construction trade you can learn how to start your own business by studying it and you will be taught some skills like marketing. Some business courses include professional ethics, marketing, strategy, economics, business law and finance.

General Courses

Students studying the construction trade have to go through general courses such as mechanical drawing, mathematics, woodworking and safety procedures. If you are one of those students who want to get a degree in construction trade then it is very important for them to have an understanding of arithmetic as construction trade is related to maths. When you choose a college for yourself, one thing must be kept in mind that all these general courses are provided in the college.

Mississippi State University offers 4-year bachelor's degrees in construction management and requires participating students to take courses in construction science, engineering, and business. Students pursuing a degree in construction management have a broad understanding of courses such as scheduling, building technology, materials and construction, construction systems, project management, estimation and construction law. Also require courses in general areas of business, math and science.


Practical exercises are the best way for students who want to study construction trade and want to learn about it. Whichever program you choose for construction trade, keep in mind that apprenticeship is included in the program because students can get technical training through an apprenticeship.

Certificate & Degree Levels in Construction Trades in the USA

Students can earn a certificate and a master's degree in the construction trade. Any type of construction job requires skill and training. There are many jobs available for high school graduates in the construction trade that you can consider such as drywall installation, electrician, carpentry, brick mason, plumbing, finisher and roofing.

Arizona State University offers international students a master's degree in construction management. This degree is for students who want to work as a safety manager or site manager. Arizona State University offers a Ph.D., BS and an MS degree in construction management. Students pursuing MS degree can also study it online. Students studying construction management will have to focus on specialty construction, building construction, residential construction and heavy construction studies.

Careers in Construction Trades in the USA

The construction trade sector is huge and offers many career options. Career options are available for students who are interested in construction management and earn a degree as property managers, construction managers, building inspectors, and first-line supervisors of installers. All jobs in construction management are in high demand and require you to look after and manage construction sites.

Apart from this, you can choose jobs like building inspector, electrical power-line installer, and rafter as a career option in the construction trade sector. People who choose these jobs will have to work on an aspect of professional construction and those who want to work in construction. When choose management jobs they have to look after the whole site.

As mentioned in this article, there are many different options available for selection in the construction business, so before deciding to study in the construction business, you have to decide which type of construction business field you are interested in. You can consider electrical work, roofing, brick masons and drywall. After the business field you have chosen, you have to consider what degree you should get for that field and job.

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