Study Anthropology in the USA - What Career Options Are There with an Anthropology Degree in US?

Study Anthropology in the USA

Anthropological studies include the physical sciences, social sciences, humanities sciences and biological sciences. Anthropology is concerned with the present and past of man and the same is concerned with the social and cultural world of man. An important feature of anthropology is that it is based on the application of knowledge to solve problems such as:

  1. Gender equality
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Sanitation
  5. Civil rights

Are you planning to enroll for Anthropology degree in the US? Know the careers opportunities with Anthropology degree from USA and what are the types of jobs available after completing Anthropology degree program from US school? Why should international student prefer to study US for Anthropology program and what are the career advantages for students who are looking for careers in Anthropology.

Different types of anthropology in the USA

Anthropologists are trained in the United States of America in the areas of archaeology, socio-cultural anthropology, linguistics, and biological/physical anthropology.

Sociocultural Anthropology

In Sociocultural Anthropology you will have the opportunity to learn about how a society is governed, creates and organizes meaning as well as explore the differences between societies and examine social patterns and practices as well as learn about people How to live in different places. As a Sociocultural Anthropologist, you have to research and observe people. The knowledge you will be given in the field of Sociocultural Anthropology can be used to improve ecology and the environment, health, agriculture and social change, and education.

Linguistic Anthropology

Within the study of Linguistic Anthropology, you are taught how language affects and reflects social life. And it teaches you how to create categories of cultural representations, social identities, and ideologies and define patterns of communication. Linguistic anthropology is a vast field where you can gain an understanding of inequality, power, and social change in society.

Biological/Physical Anthropology

By studying biological anthropology, you will learn how humans adapt to environments and how cultural and biological processes work together. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn about evolution and behavior and the causes of disease and death. Will study if you focus on areas such as diversity, human biological origin and evolution in anthropology, you can study the biology of living populations, primates, prehistory, the fossil record, and genetics.


In this area you will have the opportunity to analyze bones, pottery, ancient ruins and stone tools, as well as study cultures and cultures from prehistory to the recent past. Based on the information you get, you will interact with and understand the subsistence patterns, formation of social groups, environment and ideologies.

Where to study anthropology in the US

The United States of America is one of the best countries to study Anthropology with many degree programs available. Several top schools for international students seeking a degree in anthropology in the United States are listed here. These schools offer students degrees in anthropology: The University of Michigan, The New School's Eugene Lang College, New York University, and University of Chicago. Students earning a degree at Eugene Lang College have the opportunity to explore general knowledge and contemporary issues in depth, while degrees combine multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary. Courses chosen by students in anthropology include exchange programs, internships and study abroad opportunities, as well as faculty with field experience and individuals from nationalities. Students in anthropology also have the option of pursuing their education after graduation for which you need to choose some courses for study. 

What Career Options Are There with an Anthropology Degree and What Kinds of Jobs Are Available in the USA?

Getting a bachelor's degree in Anthropology is a very good option and with this, students have many job opportunities. Students who wish to further their education may consider obtaining a bachelor's degree as students after graduation work with a variety of organizations such as human rights organizations, government agencies, community organizations, private businesses, and independent research institutions are capable of working.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Anthropology involves the study of knowledge and understanding of human behavior and this knowledge and understanding can be useful in the marketing, business and sales industries. International students who consider obtaining a Master's degree in Anthropology for their successful careers after graduation move on to the following career fields such as social sciences, public service, healthcare, international and non-governmental organizations, business, Museums, Marketing and Market Research.

Anthropology is a field in which various career options arise after study. After studying in this field, students can make an impressive career not only in anthropology but also in other types of industries. International students can consider United States of America to study in Anthropology field.

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