Internships in Computer Animation in the USA - What are the Internships available for International Students?

Internships in Computer Animation in the USA

The field of study in computer animation is growing rapidly and the number of international students is increasing to obtain degrees in it, due to which many people are applying for the job. To face the increasing competition in the job market, along with a degree, experience in the potential field is also very important. And international students who want job in computer animation and want to get this experience they should start searching computer animation internship for this. Students who are willing to get internship will get to know about major companies and some resources through this article.

International students studying computer animation will be faced with a competitive job market and many other jobs ranging from working as an animator in the industry to internships. Internships provide a good work experience to the students, with the help of which the students are able to get a good job. A person selected by the employer for the job who has received a computer animation internship as well as international students who want to gain study experience abroad in a potential field.

International students need to know about some details to get US internship in computer animation field as well as what resources are needed to find internship and can also know about list of internships.

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Finding an Internship as an International Student in the USA under Computer Animation

International students need a little effort to get an internship. International students who want to get a summer internship during their studies will need to put in more effort than domestic students in the US. And at the same time, International students have to apply for placements in their internships as early as possible and prepare well in advance to meet all the requirements and start researching for internships well in advance. Do you know what is the first thing you have to do to get an internship Obtaining government authorization to apply for internships is a must for international students. The government authorization that students have obtained to study Computer Animation will not be considered authorized for a paid internship, so make sure that you have the ability to work if you are getting compensation for the internship. You should check with the student advisor to be sure.

International students should not rely on a single internship; they should apply for all internships for which they are a perfect fit. Applying for as much internship as possible greatly increases your chances of getting an internship. Domestic students apply for at least 12 internships at United States, so it is important for international students to apply for more than 12 to get an internship. Only then will they be able to secure their place for the internship. Students should apply for internship as early as possible keeping in mind all the requirements and check the opportunities time to time.

Students need not worry too much about finding internship as the school or program chosen by you provides you many internship opportunities as they have relationships with many companies. You can also easily find out about internship requirements with the help of websites of schools and departments. The best way to get internship opportunities in computer animation for an international student is to browse the websites of computer animation programs in institutions.

For international students who really want to get a computer animation internship, there are summer internship opportunities provided by hosting institutes. Apart from this, there are many options like students can send their cover letter and resume to interested companies for intern. There are some businesses or companies that offer internships to international students who receive course credits from their college or institution. So students need approval for this and need to talk to academic advisors. The companies will consider the resumes and cover letters submitted by international students and select the deserving candidates who are really perfect for it and provide them the opportunity to work with their hosting institution for credit.

The following is a list of computer animation internships available in the USA:


Pixar is an amazing company that offers internships to international students who have earned their bachelor's degrees in their junior year. All the details about a summer internship can be found on Pixar's website. In this, accommodation is provided to the candidates and these internships are conducted in CA.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard provides internship opportunities for graduate students aspiring to help fulfill their dreams and internships. International students can check on Blizzard's website about internships they provide through their database.


We all know very well about Microsoft, it provides information about internships provided at all its places to the candidates through the website; this place is something like this MA; Charlotte, Seattle, ND; New York, WA; Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA); Boston, NY; and Washington, NC; Dallas, and TX; Fargo.

The computer animation internship options listed here listed here will help international students to get a job as an animator and face the competition in the job market and help them start a successful career.

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