Careers in Computer Animation in the USA - What is Computer Animation and How to start Your Career?

Computer Animation

Computer generated imagery is a branch that generates digital images, it is very demanding and popular in today's world Computer Animation is related to this. Computer animation is considered a component of entertainment that is related to television shows, movies and video games. The media images we are talking about require skills in computer animation. Through this article, you will know about the educational and professional options available within computer animation.

It has never been easier for international students to get a degree, work and start a career in computer animation. International students will learn more about the areas of computer animation and some options for obtaining a degree and the uses of a degree.

What is Computer Animation?

If you are thinking about the study of computer animation, then it is very important for you to know what computer animation is. It belongs to the CGI branch that focuses on the production of moving images. Computer animation includes both 2-D and 3-D digital animation and is associated with special effects and dazzling imagery and makes it possible to attract people to blockbuster films such as Lord of the Rings, Transformers Avatar. Specialized methods of computer animation include an e-digital image provided by a graphic artist, tracking a real-life actor or object, and using motion capture, and animating digitally and keyframing. These methods of computer animation vary depending on the tasks. Did you know that much of computer animation focuses on 3-D animation and is related to motion capture techniques and keyframing.

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Careers in Computer Animation

Computer animation is a fast growing demanding field. Students who want to go into this field need to know whether there are career options available after getting computer animation degree. There are many career options for students seeking a computer animation degree. International students in computer animation degrees will be prepared for the career of digital animators. If you choose a career as a digital animator, you will need to present a portfolio and based on that you will be ready to work with animating freelance, television studios, development/design companies. The nature of tasks in computer animators can be different for modern media and entertainment. Digital animation is present in everything such as television shows, online advertisements, news broadcasts, and multi-million dollar movies. Computers make digital images moving by animators more attractive. Computer animators are concerned with transferring digital imagery and from object modeling to flash animation.

Getting Started in Computer Animation

When an international student takes his step in computer animation, it is most important for him to know that only after knowing what computer animation is, he is able to move forward in this field. Once you know this, the next step is to search for the best institutes to get a degree in computer animation. If we talk about some animators, they have got good success without any training but this is very rare, you need to get a computer animation degree to be successful in the industry, because to start moving forward in computer animation, to get a degree are necessary. Just by studying or getting a degree, you will not be able to move forward in the industry, for this you have to learn how to build an impressive portfolio while getting a degree; only through an impressive portfolio will you be able to get a good job. Along with this, it will also help you to get internship. Portfolio prepares you to work in a firm that will provide you with a successful career and be among the potential candidates to employ you for years to come.

Students interested in computer animation should do research, take action and this research should be related to what are the careers available in the field, what the disciplines of computer animation are and how many job and internship opportunities are available. Students should build a strong portfolio ahead of time and start working during a good internship.

Careers in Computer Animation in the USA

The industry in computer animation is growing all over the world, due to which jobs are also increasing in it. A wide range of careers are available to students pursuing a degree in computer animation. The industry is growing day by day due to the inclusion of digital effects and animations. High-paying careers are available for graduate students in computer animation. Let us know about the career option through this article.

Now is a great time for a career in computer animation for international students. As computer animators you can work everywhere such as television, digital effects, web content, animation film and advertising. Apart from this, there are many options for students who want to make a career in computer animation such as medical reconstruction, forensic science and modeling which require skills.

Careers in computer animation are developing more than ever, not only in the United States of America but all over the world. There has been an increase in high paying jobs for international students. In today's time high paying jobs are available in computer animation field International students are taking advantage of it well. Having a high academic path is very important for a good career. International students should know which academic path will lead them to a good career.

Skills for Computer Animation Graduates

Computer animation is a very broad field in which students must possess various skills and applications. International and domestic students are required to have both fine arts and computer science skills. Computer animation focuses on both these types of skills. Computer animation includes a wide variety of specialties and as a computer animator you can become an expert in many aspects.

  1. Lighting
  2. Texturing
  3. Concept Art
  4. Visual Effects
  5. 3D Architecture
  6. Scene Assembly
  7. Motion Capture
  8. Object Modeling
  9. Forensic Reconstruction

The academic education program of international students moving forward in the Computer Animation field depends on their career path. International students must possess the skills acquired from computer animation programs. There are a number of programs available in the United States of America that provide international students with certain specialties in computer animation that allow them to work with large companies and get jobs.

Careers for Computer Animators

There are many aspects in computer animation and you should know about all those aspects and get work experience because when you get work experience in all aspects then you will be able to decide which aspect is most suitable for you. International students who really want to make a career in computer animation should get a degree from a good institute and ensure that the institute focuses on the particular aspect you have chosen and has a working relationship with the industry. Let us have a look at the average annual salary careers in Computer Animation:

Careers in Computer Animation and Average Annual Salary

Computer Animation Job

Maximum Salary

Minimum Salary

Visual Effects Animator



Forensic Animator



Senior Graphic Animator



Graphic Effects Supervisor



Character Animator



Animation Designer



3D Artist/Animator



Graphic Animator



As here we have told about some high paying Computer Animation Jobs. International students can consider these jobs as a computer animator after getting a bachelor's degree. International students are pursuing careers in the growing field of computer animation. If we talk about earlier, there has not been such an impressive salary job for computer animators, but in today's time there are many jobs for students. International students should pursue this ever-expanding field and have a proper academic education from the United States of America.

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