Top Schools for Recording Engineering in the USA - Find Best Universities of USA for Recording Engineering Programs!

Top Schools for Recording Engineering in the USA

Here we explore the top universities and schools of USA which offer Recording Engineering degree programs and internships.    

The ever-growing industry of recording engineering has increased the study opportunities for international students. Many students come to the United States of America to study recording engineering and look for the best school. There are several best schools in the US from which students should find out about school size, rank, location, faculty, and financial aid when choosing a school.

In recording engineering you will learn how to mix record and perform sound. One must show great care and intelligence while selecting the school for Recording Engineering.

There are several top schools in the United States for students who are passionate and interested in recording engineers that you should research. Among these top schools, Ithaca College in New York, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and Washington, DC are the most popular and you will get to know about them in this article. By knowing about these schools, you will be able to learn the art of becoming an audio engineer.

Ithaca College

Best Ithaca College located in New York which is very popular for recording engineering and was ranked 7th among best regional universities in 2011. International students can consider this college to study Recording Engineering. Recording engineering students at this college will have the opportunity to study engineering practices, recording techniques, and mixing methods. Ithaca Colleges is instrumental in offering international students a bachelor's degree in sound recording technology. This program provides theater arts, electro-acoustic music and physics to its students.

Ithaca Colleges also provide graduate students with a golden opportunity to work as paid engineers within recording service assignments while studying and completing internships. Students in the program work as Mastering Engineers, Producers, Mixing and Recording and are able to complete a given project. Through this project the student is able to build a strong portfolio and get a good job and skills after graduation.

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Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is the top recording engineering university in Los Angeles, California. Students interested in recording engineering should consider studying this university as it is considered one of the top schools and ranked third in top lists based on US News and World Report.

Loyola Marymount University offers domestic and international students the opportunity to study and major in film and television sound, music production, and engineering. In this program students have to take two lower division music classes in which 1st class deals with principles of music theory and 2nd class deals with practical experience in playing keyboard. Loyola Marymount University provides its students with experience in the audio workstations, sound stages, studios of film and television and also focuses on building working and professional relationships with music artists, producers and engineers. Loyola Marymount University also has working relationships with major recording arts companies, with recording arts companies working with production companies in film and television schools. These school music courses focus on the study of sound behavior, reproduction and modification.

American University

American University is considered one of the top recording engineering universities in the US. Intentional students interested in recording engineering studies can participate in the American University for Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production and Bachelor of Science in Audio Technology but they have to select one of these two degrees. In both these programs, students are taught about making audio for entertainment and training about the software and hardware equipment used for it. American universities are located in Washington, DC and according to US News and World Report; it has been ranked 79 of National Universities. And 3 of the best schools of Recording Engineering are placed in place. Audio technology program is noted at the American University which is related to the performance arts departments and computer science, physics departments. This program provides its students experience in a potential field and also provides job opportunities.

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