Communications Internships in the USA - Know Everything about How to Apply for Communications Internships in the US?

How to Enroll for Communications Internships in the USA

International students after studying communication will look for jobs that require experience in the potential field. When a student thinks of making a career, he must think about experience because in communication most employers will look for students who will have an internship. International students must find out about internships before entering college, and most colleges encourage students to look for internships as a career. The United States of America offers communication internship opportunities and also provides students with a chance to learn and advance in the field. Know Everything about How to Apply for Communications Internships in the US?

It is very important for any student to get an internship in communication because if students want to advance in their field and want to get specific skills, knowledge and various job opportunities then this internship is very important for them. Through internships, students get opportunities to advance, learn and get jobs in the communication sector. Hiring journalists, public relations specialists and advertisers for a job in any large company demands experience. Students who have internship and work experience can easily face competition in communication.

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The United States of America is a country that offers students a wide range of job and internship opportunities, but due to the competition in communication, it can be a bit difficult for the students. Opening up internships in the communications field can be a good resource, and many colleges and schools provide opportunities for students to search for internships. In this article, we have told about 3 big companies that give you internship opportunities and inspire you to grow and gain experience.

New York Times

The New York Times, which most people will know about, offers summer communications internships to college graduate students and opportunities for international students to advance and gain experience in the communications field. The New York Times is helpful in recruiting staff; it pays interns a stipend each week, as well as provides accommodation for interns at New York University at around $1,000 a month.

David E. Rosenbaum Reporting Internship in Washington

The New York Times provides a golden opportunity for students seeking communications internships and students interested in writing about government and policy to report and write at the Washington Bureau. Interns will have the opportunity to write byline stories in Washington, DC, following a 1-week orientation in New York. Applying students must have daily newspaper experience, a 500-word essay and proof of financial aid, and a cover letter, six clips from daily professional or college newspapers.

Dow Jones News Fund Editing Internship

Students who receive this internship will have the opportunity to headline and edit copy at the leading desk at the Times. College juniors, seniors and graduate students can participate in these internships and gain experience. The intern who will be in college will receive a $1000 DJNF scholarship after completing the internship which will be of great benefit to that student. Applicants participating in the internship are asked to work for academic excellence, on-campus publications, an essay and an editing test and reporting internship.

Thomas Morgan Internships in Visual Journalism

In this internship, junior or senior students are selected from the categories of design, graphics and photography. Each year one offers internships at Thomas Morgan's alma mater to students studying by the University of Missouri at Columbia. Graphics intern students will have the opportunity to work with graphic editors and present news through graphs, diagrams and design intern students will have the opportunity to work with art directors and processing arts. Students who would prefer to work as a photography intern will have the opportunity to work with Times photographers and editors as consultants and learn techniques and complete shooting assignments.


Walt Disney World International offers students the opportunity to work in a variety of communications majors. Students interested in internships should search for opportunities by visiting Disney's website as it mentions opportunities on the website on a rolling basis. Some of the internship opportunities students can look for are international public relations internships that will support PR as well as digital graphics internships, media efforts, advertising internships, and marketing internships.


CBS Company provides communication internship in the field of media and entertainment to the students who are interested in internship. Information about internship opportunities is posted on the CBS website for those looking for spring, fall, or summer internships. CBS provides practical work experience to students at the undergraduate and undergraduate levels. Internships must be on a college credit basis and applicants seeking internships must be attending college as a junior or senior.           

Students studying communication in college should start looking for internships early as there is a lot of competition and students looking for internships first will be better served at the time of applying. Most internship take place from June to August and it can be difficult to find an internship due to competition. International students should contact colleges and universities about internship opportunities at the earliest so that they can get the opportunity to apply for internships in time. It is very important for students accepted for internships to build professional relationships in the potential field.

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