Study Graphic Design in USA - Know Available Graphic Design Degree Program & Options for International Students in US!

Study Graphic Design in USA

Do you know what Graphic Design is? If you do not know then there is nothing to worry about in today's article we will talk about it. In today's time the need for a graphic designer is everywhere whether in book covers, magazines, billboards, product packaging, advertisements and websites. Graphic design is one of the main means of visually communicating a message to a given audience, whether it is to promote an image, or to sell a product, or to inform the public. International students can research the study of graphic design in the United States of America.

People who see a beautiful image and an attractive thing without realizing the time, effort and skill required to make it go unnoticed by those people. Graphic design is a combination of creativity and business.

Personal Qualities

Students who are interested in studying Graphic Design must have some of the Personal Qualities given here:


Graphic design is meant as a means of conveying a message to a mass audience, so it is most important that a graphic designer be creative and original. A graphic designer has to capture the attention of the audience, for which he needs creativity.

Be a Good Listener

One of the biggest guns students should have for the study of Graphic Design is to be a good listener. Graphic design involves dealing with and working with clients and supervisors so you need to see what clients are looking for and what they are looking for and what you can do to achieve that purpose.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate effectively is a very important quality to be a graphic designer. You must get the message across to your clients and Clint in a clear, concise manner and implement your client's needs and wants.


Graphic designers need to have the ability to quickly sketch ideas for Clint, and incorporate pictures into projects; however, with the advent of computers, the need for pen and paper has diminished for graphic designers.

Awareness of Art History and Design Theory

How have you effectively communicated ideas to others through art? What happened to you in art? What do you know about art? What design principles did they use? The answers to these questions also give you a great help for future projects as well as make you more knowledgeable about the industry.

Many international students plan every year for graphics design courses and degree programs in abroad universities, and the US is most preferred location for them to study graphics design. They don't have proper knowledge about the available options for them under graphics design degree programs in USA. We here explore available options and degree programs in graphics design.

Study Graphic Design in US

If you want to study Graphic Design and you have the above qualities then you can consider studying it in United States of America. International students in the US can take some generalized classes for college graduation requirements in math, science, foreign languages, psychology, and English. Students who study graphic design spend much of their time on typography, art history, design theory, color theory, and training for specialized design programs.

Some of the top schools for graphic design include the Rhode Island School of Design that focus on small class sizes and typography and schools like Carnegie Mellon that let students focus on their communication design and industrial design.

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Possible Degrees in graphic design in USA

Students who want to study graphic design in the United States of America should be aware that graphic designers do not require a license.

Educational opportunities are available for graphic design studies in the United States

Certificate in graphic design in USA

This is not a program earning a degree of study. This training ranges from a few months to 1 year in the principles of graphic design and students cannot get degrees while being affiliated to colleges or universities.

Associate Degree in graphic design in USA

In Associate degree, international students can get Associate of Arts in Graphic Design, Associate of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and Associate of Science in Graphic Design degrees. It is a 2 -year degree program.

Bachelor's Degree in graphic design in USA

In Bachelors degree, international students can get Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. This is a four-year degree at a college or university.

Master's Degree in graphic design in USA

In Master's Degree, international students can get Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. For this degree, students have to study for one to three years.

With a bachelor's degree you can get a good graphic design job. Some programs teach basic things in graphic design, employers are checking to fill entry level positions and seek less candidates with a bachelor's degree.

School Accreditation

International students who decide to study graphic design should select the school based on some criteria in United States of America, and you have no need to worry about choosing a recognized school because many such excellent there are programs that are not recognized. Accreditation to schools is voluntary.

The Many Hats of Graphic Design

Title graphic designs and graphic designers can be done by the number of designers and it is important to think about students studying graphic design in USA.

Think about companies such as communication design, communication art, advertising design, visual design or visual communication while looking for graphic design schools. You should read details for each chief and be placed in the art or design departments of the university to eradicate doubts.

After your studies, when you search for a job, you can also get information about graphic artist, art director, designer, creative director, production artist, art manager and web designer. Graphic designers can also be titled. The title is many diverse so you must read the job details.

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