What is Philosophy? What do philosophers do, what they can do after a philosopher's degree?

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is one such career field which remains a mystery to the students. But it is a very good career field. There are many international students who want to study Philosophy in America and there are many questions in their mind regarding this field. These questions are as follows: What do philosophers do, what they can do after a philosopher's degree, what are philosophers. Students who go to America to study, they get many benefits from learning these questions.

What is Philosophy? This is something every student wants to know about who are considering bachelors and bachelor's degrees in the US because many people do not have the answer to this question. If we talk about philosophy, it is a subject that people do not know about but it is a very exciting subject. Many people do not even know what the work of a philosopher is. But those who want to know about it, they will get a lot of help from this article.

When students start thinking about their career, they look at the degree catalog which contains information about various types of degrees, and then through that they know what each degree does, and what jobs they can get through those degrees. And what careers can be made, with this, what people do in these degree fields. Just like there are many degrees that do not have to think much and do not have many questions like a degree in engineering, computer science or business. For these degrees, there is no mystery or question as to what will be the purpose and career path behind it. We are talking about philosophy in this article, which is a field that most people do not know about and international students want to know about what philosophy is and how to get it in America. 

The word philosophy is given by the ancient Greeks which mean "love of knowledge". Do you know about its history, from where it started? Philosophy was introduced by an ancient Milesian Greek named Thales. Thales tried and was able to theorize and understand the fundamental nature of the universe. Thales was the one who knew about the original nature of the universe a long time ago. In Theogony, another ancient Greek, Hesiod, tells of the universe but his explanation is correct, he does not. Moses inspired his knowledge as divine; Thales uses surrounding evidence to find the answer. His answer cannot be assumed.

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Do you know that science and philosophy are related to each other? The field of philosophy includes many questions which are controversial such as where did the universe come from. When Democritus asked a question, "How many times can something be divided?" That's when physics began with an atom came as the smallest possible particle. When he came up with the idea of ??an atom, many people agreed with him. And they were given evidence for this. Something creates philosophy, not just thought, but a dialogue.

Philosophy is a dialogue and has come out in this form, these dialogues are in the mind of the person and with this they try to answer difficult questions and these dialogues are such that they try to disagree for an idea. Similarly, when Thales told about it, the student Anaximander did not agree with it and then philosophy was born because when disagreement is shown on an idea and if someone knows about an idea to improve it, then it is called philosophy. In the case of Hesiod, no one wants to discuss disagreeable views. But there are often challenges in philosophy that the medicine done is ready for disagreement. Students who want to study Philosophy in the US can find it very enjoyable as it involves many different perspectives.

When international students think about studying it, there will be many aspects of philosophy that they will find fun and satisfying to study. Students will have the opportunity to learn about different approaches and new ideas in learning and learn languages ??other than English Students can find original source documents that will be very accessible to study in the US. Students in Philosophy will have the opportunity to focus on the most basic questions of life which will be great fun such as "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "Where am I?" And what should I do?

An important question that comes in the thoughts of philosophers is that ethics is an essential branch of philosophy. What is right and what is wrong. Students studying in this field have opportunities to pursue a career in law, politics or policy-making. But many students think about it which is a complicated question that what is right? There are questions in philosophy that would be fun to ponder about, such as whether it is okay to lie to make yourself feel better and whether it is okay to steal food to save a hungry child. It is questions that are matters of life and death, such as euthanasia, capital punishment, abortion, animal rights and war. It's all about the philosopher and the struggle to come up with the best answers.

As we have seen that the questions are so difficult that international students will have to struggle a lot for them. And this is the philosophy that one has to face difficult questions to answer. And there are new questions for every answer one after the other "Philosophy is a way of questioning, discussing and thinking that human beings associate with their lives. It is among that knowledge of life Insight, Deeper Knowledge, More Deeper and has the ability to think critically and have a lot of fun. When the international student grapples with the toughest questions and challenges himself/herself and is interested in improving critical thinking, he/she should study philosophy. Philosophy curriculum can fundamentally influence students and help them to know how one thinks life is and how one sees himself/herself and the world.

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