Top Schools for Architecture in the USA - General Requirements for all Top Architecture Schools in USA!

Top Schools for Architecture in the USA

Architecture field is a very exciting and creative field, entering which leads you to a successful career. If you have chosen this field, then you must have chosen to study for it in the United States of America, there are top schools for architecture in which you may be considering entering. But which are the top schools for the study of architecture and it is important to know how to choose them. What are the requirements international students must meet to enter the best schools.

General Requirements for all Top Architecture Schools in USA

An international student must meet certain additional requirements in order to apply for or be admitted to the school. Many schools in America have told about these requirements, which you have to fulfill, on the basis of these requirements you will be admitted to the school and the school will ensure that you are ready to become a successful architecture student or not.

  • Evidence of creative ability
  • Interview
  • Portfolio
  • Strong academic credentials

Evidence of creative ability

Whenever you think of becoming an architect and you want to study in the best school for that then you must have interest and passion for it. Architecture schools will want to see your creativity and if you are already involved in this field or completed projects in high school and got internships then this will prove to you and the school will want to know what you are looking for in the future can and how capable


To be accepted by the school of architecture you will have to interview them face to face in which the top school will ask you some questions about you and want to know about you. This will help them determine whether you are a suitable student for their program. In this interview you will also ask them some questions and they can learn whatever you want about the school. If you are not in the USA at the time of applying, there are some schools that will interview you in which you will have to answer in writing; an example of this school is Cornell University.


The admission requirements of the best school also include a strong portfolio which will go a long way in helping you. If you are a transfer student, you will need to submit a portfolio of your achievements, work, skills and talents to the School of Architecture. But if you are starting to pursue a bachelor's degree then you can directly talk to the teachers about your skills, abilities.

Strong academic credentials

GPA plays a very important role for admission in any school. Whether you are an international student or a domestic student, it is important for both to have an equal GPA. Your GPA score must be at least 3.0.

Now you know about all the requirement for the best school then you should also know about the graduate school of architecture and design in USA.

The Best Architecture Schools in USA

Cornell University in Ithaca - Counted among the top schools in the USA is Cornell University in Ithaca, New which is included in the top ranking list and has been teaching architecture to students for many years. It is considered to be the most efficient and proper university for architecture. In these programs, students will be made to study design, education and history, theory, structures, history and technology. Cornell offers 3 different degrees a Bachelor of Architecture Professional Degree, a Bachelor of Science in History of Architecture and a Bachelor in Architecture Curriculum you can consider studying this school.

Southern California Institute of Architecture - If we talk about other top school then they are Southern California Institute of Architecture which is very famous for Bachelor's degree in Architecture. The school focuses on and teaches students personal interaction and reflection with the program. It offers students a bachelor's degree and learns to use sustainable practices in addition to "intelligent materials".

Rice University in Houston, Texas - Now if we talk about the third leading school in the USA in the field of architecture, then they are Rice University in Houston, Texas, which emphasizes on special study to the students. By this school, students get 2 bachelor's degrees which are Bachelor in Architecture and the second is a Bachelor in Architectural Studies. The best part of this school is that it provides "Preceptorship" to the students with 1 year of experience with top architectural firms. It emphasizes on an education that prepares the students to pursue their successful career and focus.

It is not that only these architecture programs are available in the US for international students, apart from these, America also offers many good architecture programs, for this you need to think about which field you are after studying and getting a bachelor's degree. Would like to specialize in you can research many schools. There are many schools in America that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, in which career options such as interior design, landscape architecture, environmental art, vision design are available to students. After knowing all, find out for you what kind of program and field you are interested in and which degree is suitable for you.

How to Decide choosing best Study Architecture and Design school in USA?

After we have researched about the top US schools, then it is up to you to decide which school you would like to take admission in. As we told you about the top 3 architecture schools, you have to consider which school you would like to choose. After this it will be very important to know that when you complete your education, where you would like to take further degree and training. And at the same time, you should research about the schools that will offer you a good internship as well.

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