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Mechanical engineering is the distinctive stream of study that basically concerns on the study of basic concepts and principles of physics to design, build, construct and manage things. This branch of engineering has contributed a lot in designing machines and now we can see its impact that machines can be seen everywhere and turned our life much easier. This feature fascinates many scholars and they take admission in different engineering colleges and universities for seeking higher education. Mechanical engineering is among the best and highest demanding branch of engineering. Mechanical engineering is the blend of various essential topics and units including physics, mathematics and other practical subjects, so one cannot rely on its theoretical parts to pass the semesters and examinations.

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What is Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer?

This course includes the study of heat transfer modes and conventions and radiation. It includes different other essential learning units numerical methods, heat exchanger design, mass transfer, energy analysis, vapor power cycles, gas power cycles, refrigeration cycles, non-reacting mixtures and psychrometry and combustion.

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