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TECO 201 Elements Of Econometrics

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The purpose of this TECO 201 Elements of Econometrics section is to help students develop econometrics and its knowledge of applications in economic and business data. This module is based on regression models and will cover topics of simple regression techniques with a focus on estimation and inference issues. Extension of the regression model will also be discussed. The main focus will be on how to apply these methods in practice to improve the ability to conduct empirical research in economics, finance and other social sciences.

This is an introductory course in econometrics for students of economics. Statistics courses are a prerequisite for studying economics, mathematics and computer courses.

The focus of the process is presented, the essence of the method and methods of econometric analysis. Key findings and evidence formulas and models are given, so that, students can understands the principles of econometric theory development. The main focus is the economic interpretation and application of econometric models. This course focuses on cross-sectional econometrics; some topics. This course also teaches time series and panel data econometrics.

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