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Critical Review Assignment - SBM3204 Sustainability and Ethics

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Do you have assignments for SBM3204 Sustainability and Ethics? Want to write critical review on assignments? Here we are with the introduction to assessment Critical review and have solutions for these assessments on Expertsminds. In these topics students are required to constructively criticize on the given topic and are required to describe it well:

Q1. Whistle-blowers: heroes or disloyal employees?

Q2. Is Uber a good or bad thing, overall?

Q3. Are companies ethically to blame when customers misuse their products?

Q4. Is it OK to sell a product when you cannot prove that it works?

Q5. Is misleading advertising unethical?

Q6. Is capitalism a force for good or evil?

Q7. Why is trust important in modern economies?

What is SBM3204 Sustainability and Ethics?

Unit SBM3204 Sustainability and Ethics is the study of addressing the effectiveness of leaders and learning about the success of organization from ethical and social perspective. Students are required to identify and analyze the ethical dimensions of business problems and ability to create practical and reasons for ethical dilemmas.

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In this assignment, we were required to do the critical review from the list of topic that was given to us. The topic that was selected for this present topic was "is it okay to sell a product when you cannot prove that it works". In this, we have talked about ethics in business. We have talked about how the companies are required to make such kind of products that are fully functional. We have also discussed that how making the good and reliable products is not only ethical but is also beneficial for the company in the long run.

We have also mentioned the review of ethics resource center on the moral trustworthiness. After that, we have talked how the ethical marketing is important in the marketing methodology. In this assignment, we have discussed also talked about how the people are now taking the shortcut path in order to achieve more success. There are so many companies that are focusing on the quantity of the products rather than thinking about the quality of their products. We have discussed that how the views of the consumers get changed when they get to know that the products that they are using are not what the company told them is.

No matter how small or large the business is but the thing is that, if the company is not using the ethical methods of marketing then the customer will not going to stick with for a longer duration. They will prefer to buy the products of those companies who are manufacturing and delivering the products which they are promising in their advertising.

In addition to that, we have also talked about how big risk is involved when the companies opt for the unethical marketing practices. In the assignment, we have also given the example of the unethical marketing and the price that they have paid for that.

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