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Get a quick introduction with unit Cloud Computing -

Cloud Computing refers the method for computing within shared group of resources like web servers, file storage, data processing services and applications used through internet. Cloud computing is the essential part of information technology that allows the study of its importance for business and individuals and investing in expensive infrastructure and software to deploy different kinds of services.

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Get through the specification providing for assignment based on Cloud Computing and Strategic IT planning, here you need nothing but to write about the basic concepts and fundamental points asked by your professor like:

  • Goals and needs for Strategic IT planning
  • Essential things and processes required to achieve goals
  • How to make Strategic IT planning happen in real?

Below we have provided description on how you are required to work for your assignment based in cloud computing, read it thoroughly -

In this assignment, we have been asked to do the strategic IT planning. This was required to be done on the three-step process. The three steps are, why do you need to do it, what is your goal; what are the things you need to get done to achieve your goals; how can you make those things happen.

In the first step, we have discussed our goal which is to make the blueprint for the implementation of cloud computing technology into the organization. Then we have talked about why it is needed in the organization, which is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. After the implementations, the organization will be able to perform the virtualization of their resources, the management of their resources, and delivering the services, with the elastic scaling. The cost reduction will be one of the benefits for the organization, including eliminating the need for paying for disk storage devices.

In the next step, we have discussed the things that are required to be done in order to achieve the goal. In order to achieve the goal, there is a requirement of having an effective plan. To do so, there is a need for proper vendor who will install the cloud computing technology in the organization. It is very important to select the right kind of vendor. Also, completion of the whole task in the given timeline is also very important.

In the next question, we have discussed how we are going to make those things happen. First of all, the selection of vendor will be done after the thorough research in the market. After that, the analysis of the kind of cloud computing service that is required in the organization will be done. The help from the IT team will be taken in this. The deadline of the project should be taken care of by the management.

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