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SPST 500 Research Methods in Space Studies

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SPST 500 Research Methods in Space Studies is a mandatory part of the curriculum for the students pursuing their education in a space studies program. The subject mainly focuses on enhancing a student's ability to conduct systematic and extensive research in space studies. Students are also introduced to different methods of presenting the gathered data in a logical, understandable, and brief manner. SPST 500 Research Methods in Space Studies allows students to compare statistical data successfully. It also familiarises them with recognizing, recording, assessing qualitative and quantitative data, and calculating the standard deviation for different variables. It is essential for a scholar to have a thorough knowledge of the algebraic concepts to understand this subject efficiently. The subject also assists a student to understand the effectiveness of the past space programs. While learning this theme, a student will be able to enhance his logical thinking, creative ability, evaluative skills, organization understanding, and scientific expertise in regards to the research procedure. SPST 500 Research Methods in Space Studies also highlights the role of argumentation, theory building, and qualitative research patterns in building a strong research paper as well as scrutinizing and presenting quantitative variables effectively.

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