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SPST 310 Rocket Propulsion

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SPST 310 Rocket Propulsion deals with the vital traits of different rockets and the present inclinations in rocket propulsion. Rocket propulsion is defined as the process that utilizes force to raise a rocket above the ground and into the air. The subject broadly covers the history of rockets and a thorough understanding of Newton's third law of motion. It allows the students to understand thermodynamics and electrodynamics of several rockets, basic fluid mechanics, impulse, and the ideal rocket equation. The SPST 310 Rocket Propulsion course also familiarizes students with the future of interesting propulsion techniques such as antimatter propulsions, tethers, and solar sails. The theme or subject tends to highlight the operating principles and design aspects of different types of rockets. Students studying this subject will be able to successfully derive an expression for the rocket acceleration and acknowledge the circumstances that influence the same. The above-mentioned course also focuses on providing a theoretical understanding of how the rocket propulsion works along with imparting basic knowledge on all the above topics.

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