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SOCI 212 Social Problems

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The SOCI 212 Social problems course will let the students understand the basic facts of the sociological process that enables them to identify various social concerns. This course will let the students understand the role of cultures in identifying and dealing with social issues as problems as well as challenges. SOCI 212 social problems will let the students have a total understanding of the social issues that are being faced by the United States currently, and the students will also understand how these problems affect the overall Institution and the diverse culture. The two aspects that will be applied to develop the skills about social problems will be the sociological perspective and the related key theories. The students will have a thorough knowledge of the beginning of human society and the beginning of the development of the problems.

The SOCI 212 social problem course will cover topics like social stratification or inequality prevailing, different kinds of crimes, drug abuse, especially with the youth, aging, various kinds of pandemics and infectious diseases, violence prevailing in the families, the Health Care aspects and most importantly terrorism. The students will also understand the racial and ethnic conflicts that go on in society.

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