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PHI 1100 Logic

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What the PHI 1100 Logic course is all about?

Logic is an interdisciplinary field which studies truth as well as reasoning. Comfortable logic look for to describein forcepoint of view informally, as acase in pointas a result of listing types of misleading notion. Symbolic logic signifies statements as well as argument patterns symbolically, with formal systems similar to first order logic. Within symbolic logic, symbolic logic studies the mathematical characteristics of logical systems, while philosophical logic applies them to philosophical problems like the character of meaning, knowledge, as well as existence. Systems of symbolic logic also are applied in other fields including linguistics, science, as well ascomputing.

Logic has been studied since antiquity, early approaches including Aristotelian logic, stoic logic, Anviksiki, as well as therefore the mohists. Modern symbolic logic has its roots within the work lately 19th century mathematicians like Gottlob Frege.

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