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Biotechnology deals with the use of technology to solve problems that involve many biological systems. It also supports updating or modification of products and processes that use biological systems. In biotechnology, all the microorganisms and biological substances are used to execute various industrial and production processes. Some of the applications of biotechnology are manufacturing process of various drugs, production of hormones, production of food material etc. Biotechnology is a multi- disciplinary domain that includes knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology. Another major implication of biotechnology can be related to agriculture, animal vaccination, controlling the pollution and management of waste materials. A biotechnology engineer can work in the in the field of medicine to develop drugs using existing biological systems. Even manufacturing of new chemical can also be done with the knowledge of biotechnology. Students learning this course also have the opportunity to use concepts of applied mathematics, engineering informatics, and information technology for including some automation in the process. 

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Importance of Biotechnology Course

Biotechnology has also grown up to a large extent these days. It has taken over a big market in India and other countries. Biotechnology is a very important course which contributes to a large extent in the life of human beings. It has opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical laboratory, food packaging and husbandry industry. Biotechnology is concerned with the combining the power of living cells and organisms and use it in solving various problems of the society. In other words, it can also be called as genetic engineering which helps in tissue culture technology. Keeping in mind all these advanced applications of biotechnology it becomes really important to include this course in the academic curriculum. Some of the important achievements that have been done in this field are engineering the growth hormones in human, genes which are resistant to pesticides developed bacteria for cleaning the oceans and many others.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Biotechnology problems

The most important part about biotechnology is that it has become one of the modern courses that have gained popularity in terms of wide and advanced applications that has relevance to the real world. Being a technical course it seems to be a bit complex. Students find learning biotechnology difficult because it is always very difficult to implement because it demands to combine the technology with biological systems which itself is a very complex process. It involves the use of many algorithms, tools, processes, and techniques. Gaining knowledge of all these things is a difficult task. Because biological systems are involved it is difficult to even for teachers in teaching this course. A deep understanding of living cells and organisms like bacteria's, enzymes, and other living organisms is seriously required to understand this course and solve problems in it. Another difficult problem that students face understands the most important process of protein s synthesis and what mechanism is involved in it. Solving biotechnology problems requires and high level of critical thinking capability and problem-solving skills. 

Few important tips to solve these problems

When you are solving the problems in biotechnology you must understand the impact and importance of the concept that you are learning. This will help you in solving the problems related to it. Train your brain in such a way that you can easily understand the problems. The better understanding of the problem you will find it simpler to solve. If before learning the course on biotechnology it is always better to take a course in biology, this will help you in understanding the concepts and solving the problem with ease. 

Looking for Biotechnology Engineering Assignment Help

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