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Every one of us is acknowledged with the importance of leadership and how typical its assignments are. Assignments for leadership consume higher thinking, critical thinking and analytical abilities of scholars which sometimes turns difficult for international students.

Here we are for the study of assessment assigned for leadership and assessment on writing a 3000 word essay on leadership including essay, learning journal and critically analyzing leadership.

Assessments such as writing a piece of paper; essay or journal is considered as the most boring and tedious work by scholars especially when the subject is leadership. These set of papers are nothing if zero research work, topic analysis and use of references are made because it only demands quality content upon which a professor evaluates and assesses the knowledge a student have regarding a subject. You must also be here with the only aim of leadership assignment help and custom essay writing services. Do you also confront issues while completing heap of leadership assessments? Don't worry because you are at best academic portal and No.1 assignment help offering company of entire world -Expertsminds.

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Assessments - Critically analyze the relationship between traits, motives and effectiveness of leaders; provide examples from the public domain of how these are applied in practice and assess how the relationship between theory and practice is demonstrated.

So this is the topic for leadership essay and below we are mentioning the short solution for this assessment, read it thoroughly:

The current essay that has been included under the Assessment demands students to write a critical essay on the concept of leadership in an organisation. The evaluation of the associated concepts of the leadership has been done in the present assignment. The major objective behind providing such an assignment to the students is to allow them to exhibit and showcase their understanding about certain theoretical perspective of leadership. The students while undertaking such an assignment analyses the scholarly material that is being provided under various secondary sources. Thus, the Assessment aims to achieve the two core learning outcomes in the assignment writing process i.e. role of leadership in a company and the critical analysis of the leadership theories and the various issues that affect the organizational leadership and success.

The given assignment makes an effective explanation of the regarding the role of leader and its leadership while solving the problems of the organisation. The critical essay on leadership also provides the various benefits that a company receives from efficient leadership techniques, like the motivation, initiating suitable action, coordination and cooperation, achieving higher morale, creating harmonious work environment, suitable guidance and assistance along with effective team buildings etc. Further, different theories of leadership like the trait theory, behavioral theory and contingency theory have been explained adequately along with the different key issues that the organization faces while excising suitable leadership practices.  The issues that the managers and the leaders face from their leadership affect the rate of success growth in the organisation and also their individual capability for managing the organisation.

Hence, from the current assignment, both the mentioned learning outcomes have been achieved and this has also resulted in the improvement of the knowledge of the students with respect to the concept of leadership.

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