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But before approaching further, have a quick introduction with course ITECH 1400 Foundations of Programming-

ITECH 1400 Foundations of Programming course focuses on the study of basic concepts involved in development of structured software with the help of programming language. Other major learning units encompassed within this unit are problem solving skills within stages of software development and designing new programming language and executing different programming languages.

For unit ITECH 1400 Foundations of Programming you can be assigned with different types of assessments out of which the most common ones are:

  • Supermarket Self-Service Checkout
  • Vending Machine
  • Banking

For these kinds of assessments, students are required to express their programming skills where they have to perform certain task with the help of programming like:

  • Designing and modeling classes
  • Preparing activity chart in order to note down the behavior of assigned machine
  • Creating computer program for machine to allow user friendly interface and performing basic steps that are easy for normal user to use
  • Explaining those codes and performing essential operations related with the machine operating

Generally these kinds of assessments assigned within unit ITECH 1400 Foundations of Programming requires sharp programming skills and efficiency in using programming language like Python, for students who are weaker at such language, Expertsminds serves python programming assignment help along with ITECH 1400 Foundations of Programming assignment help and Federation University assignment help.

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