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ISSC 331 Legal Issues in Information Security

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ISSC 331 Legal Issues in Information Security course brings the focus on the key elements like conflicts involving technology and the legal system to include such as privacy issues, civil and criminal law. This course provides the students with the knowledge and skills of examination and evaluation of information security issues and the law.

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ISSC 331 Legal Issues in Information Security course develops knowledge about the rapid growth of technology that has given rise to legal issues surrounding technology. The students will also learn about the information security that it is basically about the practice of protecting information to provide security and confidentiality of the data. The student will also come to know that the practice of Information technology also ensures the integrity and safety of the data.

ISSC 331 Legal issues in information security courses will let the students know that information security makes sure that accurate information is available to the authorized individuals whenever it is needed. The students will learn that when any department like government, private organization,or individuals do a downgraded job of protecting the information interest entrusted to them, legislatures counteract with new laws. There are various laws to make them face their blunders.

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