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INTL 644 Cyber and the Intelligence Cycle

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The INTL 644 Cyber and the Intelligence Cycle course looks at cyber and the intelligence cycle from two perspectives. The first is the application of the classic intelligence cycle against cyber targets. The second, parallel track is the use of cyber tools to optimize intelligence operations and the intelligence cycle in particular. The above-mentioned course will discuss the unique role of the cyber domain in the intelligence cycle. Intelligence in cyber is comprised of different characteristics than that of space, air, land and sea. Because cyber information is transmitted instantaneously, it may affect components of the intelligence cycle (collection, analysis, dissemination, etc.) simultaneously rather than sequentially, as is the case with other intelligence collections methods. Learners will discuss commercial and defence concepts associated with the intelligence cycle and enterprise information technology infrastructure. Learners will also address the challenges that are created due to rapid advancing technologies and existence of multiple actors.

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