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Nowadays, leadership quality is the most prominent factor and essential trait to be developed in every student, to grow in society and prove them. For this purpose, HM3031 Leadership Development is an excellent course initiated by Holmes Institute.

The HM3031 Leadership Development subject covers types of leadership approaches are there, and how to apply them effectively in dealing with a different situation. What's the basic difference between management and leadership, how a good leader is evolved, and what's the need for good leadership in the organization? There are various concerns like ethical, legal, social and many more, how to deal with such matters related to employees in the organization.


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Hesitation- students use to hesitate in asking their doubts from the professors of HM3031 Leadership Development. The thought, that how classmates will react, what they will think about me and my mental level, etc., Which pushes student not to ask the questions, which later on increase the number of doubts and queries and creates problems for the student to get rid of them.

Part-time jobs- many students do part-time jobs along with their studies, which distracts their mind and also after that students are left with less time to study, complete their assignments and their home works. It can be necessary for some students but should be avoided if possible, up to an extent and focus on the studies.

Stress and depression- students get depressed and stressed out due to the past scores or the previous results they have achieved. It's very obvious that if you are moving from one stream to a new stream and studying all new subjects which never explored before, will let down your grades. Stress is caused due to this reason only, and they start thinking that how we can cover up the lower grades and how we can achieve good marks now and lot many questions creates a hustle- bustle situation for them all around.


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