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HIMA 240 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies

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Healthcare reimbursement can be understood as the payment that your hospital, doctor, or other Health Care Centres providers receive for giving you health services. The reimbursement is basically a payment that occurs after the medical service is received. HIMA 240 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodology is a course that enables the students to know and understand the foundations of the basics of different kinds of health insurance and the funding programs and payment for the services.

Students will acquire skills in analyzing different kinds of methodologies. The students will be able to understand the revenue lifecycle management and its impact on providing financial stability. The major study points of HIMA 240 Reimbursement Methodologies are different kinds of Health Insurance plans, Healthcare programs that are sponsored by the government, managed care plans, resource-based relative value systems for physician payment, and other payments for various other requirements.

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