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GEOG 339 Analytical Methods In Geography

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The GEOG 339 Analytical Methods in Geography course basically introduce quantitative research methods, sampling and survey design in geography. The course covers basic analysis techniques for understanding geographic literature. An example would involve the use of statistical computer packages. The course acquaint with the use of analytical methods in solving geographic problems. Topics cover sampling theory, probability theory, and methods of parametric and nonparametric statistics.

Within the framework of geography as the main point of view of thematic and regional studies, geographers deal with various phenomena associated with their position or spatial location at a given time or period of time, and in practice, they are based on these three aspects. Due to the intrinsic relationship between the various elements and for a deeper understanding of society and the Earth, more and more themes and sub-regional units are added to the themes and spatial scales, and the traditional geographic information structure becomes more extensive and more complex.

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