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ENTD 220 Introduction to Python

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The ENTD 220 Introduction to Python course let the students to gain knowledge about the principles of object-oriented programming using the Python language. This is one of the most increasingly preferred languages for programming in the modern world. ENTD 220 Introduction to Python course is a high-level, general-purpose programming language portable and used on different systems, including you and UNIX and Mac that is a platform-independent.

The student will develop the skills of this language, and they will know that Python has been touted as one of the most powerful and easy to learn programming languages. ENTD 220 Introduction to Python course includes the different topics like Syntax, types, variables, strings, branching, loops, triples, list of dictionaries, functions, files, exceptions and other related concepts and terms in an effort to establish a solid foundation for more advanced programming using structure language. The students will have the knowledge about both conceptual and scenario-based exercises, thus enabling them to experience the maximum amount of comprehension and retention of material covered.

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