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  • Saudi Arabia vision 2030 and its relation with energy sector
  • Consumption of Air-condition and CO2 emission in Saudi Arabia

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In this assignment, we were required to write two essays of 500 words each. The first topic of the essay was to write about the Saudi Arabia vision 2030 which is related to the energy sector. In this essay, first, of we have talked about the oil and gas consumption rate of the country. It has been found that the rise in that rate is quite alarming. Also, as the summer of the country is capable to melt anything down, hence, due to that, the rate by which the air conditions are using electricity is also a matter of concern. In addition to that, the country is also facing the problem of water shortage too.

It has been found that, currently, both these operations, that is power and water are highly subsidized by the government of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia does not have any significant income source other than oil, As the government is paying for those two programs from their own pocket. Hence it is a matter of concern for them.

In order to deal with it, the energy minister has put estimation for increasing the efficiency along with maintaining the consistency economic growth. We have discussed the plan of the country for 2030, and how it is important as the electricity consumption of the company will increase by three times.

In the next essay, the topic was the air condition consumption and CO2 emission in Saudi Arabia. In this, we have talked about how the harsh weather conditions of Saudi Arabia results in increased energy consumption. We have also discussed the relation between the increase in air conditioning and emission of carbon dioxide due to that. we have proposed the methods by which the emission of the carbon dioxide can be reduced.

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